Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Uncommon definition: not common; rare; unusual; exceptional; remarkable.

Uncommon is getting on your knees every single morning, not because you don't have the strength to face the day--but because you know you don't deserve the grace given to you to get up again. 

Uncommon is walking away when its the harder choice. Not the only one. 

Uncommon is the desperation for grace above everything else in your life.

Uncommon is seeking any path possible to grow the Kingdom.

Uncommon is saying no to convenience.

Uncommon is not wishing your life away, but living in the exact moment you have been given.

Uncommon is letting your heart and soul bleed Jesus Christ. Every. single. second. of. every. single. day.

Uncommon is breaking chains of acceptance and diving head first into the free pool of embrace.

Uncommon is pushing boundaries when no one believes you can.

Uncommon is moving, shifting, changing. Never settling for settling.

Uncommon is growing in the hurt, not sitting in the shame.

Uncommon is dying daily.

Uncommon is putting yourself on the back burner when the world tells you its all about you.

Uncommon is eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when you can afford steaks to support someone less fortunate, to fund a missions trip, to fund the heart beat of Jesus.

Uncommon is forsaking membership for ministry.

Uncommon is doing what no one else is doing for the Kingdom.

Uncommon is weird.

Uncommon is talked about, shunned, sent away. 

Uncommon is standing up, speaking out, refusing to sit still.

Uncommon is letting your life preach the Gospel, even when no one listens.

Uncommon is peace, not happiness.

Uncommon is love and grace more than acceptance and compliance.

Uncommon is the desire to fight for love and grace to be known by every single person you know. And those you don't.

Uncommon is the daily bread of the Living Word of God.

Uncommon is your past colliding with your present to be a living representation of the power of Christ.

Uncommon is truth--at all costs.

Uncommon is knowing rejection, belittlement, the lack of understanding. 

Uncommon is the person next to you.

Uncommon is the person staring back at you in the mirror.

Uncommon is an awakening.

Uncommon is happening right now. 

Uncommon is the love for Jesus Christ changing the way we think, operate and relate to all things concerning Christianity.

Uncommon is a man--a God man--who came to die for you. for me. for the entire world.

Uncommon is a love that knows no bounds.

Uncommon is knowing you didn't deserve it, feeling its weight, and responding in a life of worship.

Uncommon is faith beyond sight.

Uncommon is new mercy--NEW--every morning. 

Uncommon is not "good". Uncommon is holy.

Uncommon is for everyone. 

Uncommon is needed in this world.

Uncommon is Jesus Christ. 

Uncommon is you. Uncommon is me.


Wake up. Don't be like her. Don't be like him. Be Jesus. 

Stop striving. Start seeking. 

Be Uncommon. Be different. Be desperate for grace. Be love. 


  1. There is a passage in Luke that speaks of two disciples walking the road to Emmaus after Jesus death and resurrection. Jesus met them on the road and began to speak with them. After he departed they marveled saying, "Did not our hearts burn within us while He spoke?"

    I believe the same thing happens to us, His followers, when we identify with Jesus Christ in someone else. I tell you my heart burned within me as I read this. I identify with you in this. The cry of your heart echoes my own.

    One of these days, I would love to swap stories with you. Blessings to you dear sister!

    1. Thank you sharing that.. I love that "burning up" feeling we get when we feel like we are being awakened and coming alive. It's the Holy Spirit within us and I strongly believe He is giving a lot of us that feeling right now so that we can wake up and do something awesome for this kingdom and not be content with convenient Christianity.

      I would LOVE to share stories with you!!! Praying for you and blessed God has brought new friends together!

  2. Thanks so much for this. I have been focused on not being ashamed lately and this is really helpful. :)

    1. Its such a hard struggle for us all! I'll keep you in my prayers Stephanie!! So glad this helped!!

  3. God has really gifted you with a spirit of discernment and a thirst for righteousness ~ This post was so convicting and inspiring... Thank you...;)

    1. Thank you Cassia for you words! And you have a lovely name by the way!


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